Gourmets have never been able to endure a sociologist like Zygmunt Bauman: too popular, too exposed, too generous. As an example of our house reminds me of Giuseppe De Rita. Disinclined to dialogue with academics, much on the contrary to do with the others, those that you meet in the streets of your city and that, hardly, they know what sociology is.
I met only Bauman through his books, his lectures. And in the various seasons that his ravenous obsession for knowledge has gone through. He seems rather in a way questionable consecrate as the sociologist who has “invented” or acknowledged the liquid modernity. The book in which he talks about it (and then it will be discussed on several occasions) consists of over 270 pages. I consider bizarre reduce only it to answer to the formula the liquid modernity: a concept very cogent sociologically, yes that’s fine, but then what? There is a lot of other.
It reminds me of the “lyophilized job” of which he spoke another great fellow international intellighenzia: Luciano Gallino. I still remember another brilliant phrase, not far from those just mentioned: “the water forms”, coined by Andrea Camilleri (even Camilleri is a great sociologist, still alive for luck).
Bauman, then, was one of the foremost social scientists of our age: for this has been generous beyond measure. Our man has had so many ideas, but even when he had not made her, he didn’t want to disappoint his audience. This is called talent.
In summary, what does it leave us?
The ability, in the first place, to turn to large masses of people, or to non-experts. His contributions are common backgrounnd; do to say that we speak everywhere, but sometimes it also speaks in the “sports bar”, perhaps without knowing it, perhaps without awareness. Someone looks with disdain to the typical dynamics of the sports bar, it certainly does not lend itself good service to sociology, nor to himself, nor to him.
The total awareness, secondly, that the personal curiosity and love for their work are the main tools to understand that “it is life, more than death, not to have limits” (G. Garcia Marquez).
The certainty, in third and last place, that “we will be interrupted before finishing” (Fernando Pessoa).
And Bauman had not finished his work, neither of us had finished listening to him.
Now come the commentators of his thought: they are welcome, but will not be the same.

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